Wingate test and other protocols

Experts and demanding customers using Monark for training and research in sports medicine are the core of Monark. Our products are developed to withstand extreme workloads with a real bike feel and reliable readings. To guarantee accurate readings during testing and research, it is crucial to be able yo calibrate and control the ergometer. Monark Sports & medical products meet and exceed these demands.


The Åstrands-Ryhming test/method under the magifying glass.



Submaximal test for upper body fitness and oxygen uptake (272 kb)
Work tests with the bicycle ergometer by Per-Olof Åstrand, M.D. Dept. of Physiology, Gymnastik- and Idrottshögskolan, Stockholm, Sweden. (647 kb)
work tests eng. pdf
The Wingate test by Lennart Gullstrand and Leif Larsson, Bosön Institute of Sports, Lidingö, Sweden.
wingate folder eng.pdf

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